The Dickson Range Webcam is mounted 50 feet up a repeater tower, elevation 3500 feet. It is rated to operate to -40 f and will be operating all year long. Images are uploaded every 30 seconds from sunrise to sunset.

The image looks the best in the morning when the sun shines behind the camera. In the late afternoon the sun is in the image and as a result backlighting occurs making the image appear darker. If the image is white, it was blowing wet snow really hard last night, right at the camera. Unfortunately we have to wait for the sun to melt the snow off the lens.

The Gun Lake webcam is looking N/NW up Gun Lake at Cinnabar Ridge/Mt Zorba (foreground) to the left and the Shulaps Range to the right. Pearson Ridge is in the foreground at the end of the lake. Afternoon is the best viewing time for this webcam, when the sun is behind the camera.

The weather station is a Rainwise MK-111 wireless, solar powered station and is located near the webcam at Gun Lake. Live weather data and a 10 day forecast can be viewed at The Weather Underground.

Big thanks to Minto Communications Society for providing the high speed internet that makes the webcams possible.

If you enjoy watching the Webcams please consider making an annual donation to help with the operational costs & the costs of servicing & replacing the equipment, this will not be possible without the support of the webcam watchers. New webcams with different views may also be installed in the future. This site is owned by local resident Michelle Nortje.

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Thank you for watching the South Chilcotin Webcams and thank you to everyone who has made a donation.