If you enjoy watching the Webcams  please consider making an annual donation to help with the operational costs & the costs of servicing & replacing the equipment, this will not be possible without the support of the webcam watchers. New webcams with different views may also be installed in the future. This site is owned by local resident Michelle Nortje.

In 2016 we received a donation of a new webcam from Startdot Technologies!
The new webcam is now live at Gun Lake and has higher resolution, a wider angle lens and it takes better dusk and dawn images so the camera viewing time has been extended. Thank you Stardot!

Support the South Chilcotin Webcams by making a donation towards the operational and maintenance costs of the webcams and weather station.

Please click the link below to donate via Pay Pal.
You do not have to have a Pay Pal account to make a donation using a credit card.
Email Transfer donations can also be sent to info@southchilcotin.ca.

Thank you for watching the South Chilcotin Webcams and thank you to everyone who has made a donation.

Webcam Donations

2023 Webcam/Trailcam Supporters

Lauree Covey
The Archer Family
Diane Turpin
Lucinda Sutherland
Beth Knox & Ian Soderstrom
Mel & Kevin Knox
Pete & Carol Nortje
Sandra Enticknap & Dwight Harbottle
Mike Zecchel & Leesa Matwick
Lisa Sturgess
Patrick Donovan
Tania Newman
Sal & Debbie DeMare
Brigitte Mueller
Lynna & Chris Lippman
Juanita Peglar
Mike & Grace Longley
Katie Williamson
Marty & Andrea VanLoon
The James Gang
Billy & Normi Illidge
Rob & Mary-Lynn Gahan

2020 Webcam Supporters

Tyax Adventures
Paul Tennant
Jim and Linda Steinbach
The Barbisans
Andre Charland & Sarah Frood
Diane Turpin
Norm & Jean Verner
Stephanie Darveau
Annette Roehlig
Mark Roehlig

2015 Webcam Supporters
Tyax Adventures
Sal & Debbie Demare
The Schmirler Family
The Langtry Family
The James Gang
Don Robinson
Judy Williams
Dave & Paddy Aitken
Jim & Linda Steinbach
Norm & Jean Verner
Gerry & Agnes Mey
Jim & Anne Blair
Peter & Carol Nortje
Glenn & Olga Stewart
Randy & Kerry Perazzo
Jim & Susan Powell
Pat & Eileen Ryan-Lewis
2016 Webcam & Weather Station Supporters

Stardot Technologies
Tyax Adventures
Don Robinson
Jim & Linda Steinbach
Colleen Lexvold
Sean McStay
Roger Stacy
Spring Harrison
Ali Thompson
Philip Harris
Norm & Jean Verner
The Schmirler Family x2
Barry James
Nelly Madsen
Anton Horvath
David & Samantha Christmann
June Cameron
Jean Thompson
Marc Belzile
Gary Yoshida
Tony & Lori Maida
Garry & Caitlin Conn
Jim Blair
Kerry & Randy Perazzo
Ches Hagen
Martin Leigh
Sacha & Melanie McLean